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Oscar Wilde 'did not write lost play that bears his name'

Constance opens at the King's Head Theatre in London tonight and is billed as a world premiere of Wilde’s final work.
However, Merlin Holland, Wilde’s grandson, described the claim as “complete tosh”. He said that Wilde wrote a synopsis for Constance in 1894 and sold it on.
“He did not write an original manuscript for this play. What he did was to write a scenario or, better speaking, a synopsis. It was only two or three pages long and a broad outline of a play,” Holland tells tonight’s Channel 4 News.
“From his letters in later life to his friends, Oscar continues to talk about this synopsis. He does not say that he developed it... there is never anything more than a simple scenario.
“When I saw [the new production] I could scarcely believe my eyes. It’s being touted as a world premiere of a previously unproduced Oscar Wilde play. And, in two words, it’s complete tosh.”

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